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Founder and Head Coach


USAT certified triathlon coach. Ironman certified triathlon coach. Training Peaks certified coach.

Certified sport performance specialist.

USAT specialization (I): Short course, Long course, Youth triathlon, Paratriathlon

USAT certified course director


Certified biomechanics specialist. Certified functional training specialist. Certified orthopedic coach.


Certified Sport Nutrition Specialist. 

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT):

Certified behavior change specialist.

General Coaching:

Certified personal trainer. Certified Pose Method technician. Stryd Running Coach. Certified senior fitness specialist. Certified pediatric coach. Certified weight management specialist. Certified cancer exercise specialist.  Postnatal coaching.

Others (as an athlete):

"7030+": 70.3 miles triathlon 101 days (Spring 2021)

300+ races and challenges 

Bike FTP 305. Run 10km 38" Swim 1.9k 23"

Longest ride 1000km, longest run 115km, longest swim 15km.





It would be a mistake to link a singular event to ones' identity, but they often push us to look at the world in a certain way. When I was about 6 months old, I felt in a pool, and was only found out 5 minutes later. I managed to survive kicking the bottom of the pool and pushing myself up to breathe. For about eleven years, the wall from that pool got to be the only thing I dreamt about. I later grew up being extremely active, and was introduced to sports such as swimming, skiing, quads, jet-skis, horse riding, combat sports.



Stubborn and curious by nature I have learnt (and still do) a few lessons through countless mistakes.

I have my fair share of stories of broken bones, grizzly bears, depressions, abuse.

I have learnt through sport and education to grow beyond the boundaries that I set for myself.

I don't mind failing and failing again as I have a borderline compulsive adherence to concept until I manage to break them or learn something... but that doesn't mean you have to. 



After having spent ten or so years doing martial arts and two years training in remote small village in China, I started coaching MMA and self-defense in 2005 in BLCU (Beijing).

While my love for combat sport hasn't changed, my transition as an athlete toward endurance sports made me realize their therapeutic use and their accessibility.

I have been sailing on an endless journey where I learn all that I can to benefit the people I work with, and myself.




I always have been more attracted to training than racing. I like to undertake challenges to test biomechanics and the limits of my mind.

In 2015 I completed a marathon weekly across China and was featured in a National Documentary.

In late 2020 I set out to complete a new world record and cover 1.9km swimming, 90km biking and 21km "running" for 101 consecutive days (the 7030+).

There has been and there will be more challenges along the way.

Coach Frederic was featured in several documentaries and sports pieces. This is a non-exhaustive list. To be updated. 


CCTV4 Documentary 30min feature documentary around Coach Frederic. The documentary called "One man marathon", followed him on his journey to complete a marathon weekly around China.


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