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Why choose Yousuli

The athlete paradox

How many of us train hard to only get injured?

How many of us plateau despite our best efforts?

How much physical and mental stress is enough?

Up to 90% of triathletes were injured during the last 6 months, and keep on training despite an injury according to research that was done on athletes competing in Hawaii.

Poor technique


Poor biomechanics


All trump "poor preparation" as main factors for injuries.

Triathletes train hard

But the evidence shows that - despite their best effort - they do not train right.

You Su Li

Better health comes first, better health is the foundation of speed and strength. Yousuli was made to address what I see everyday when I go to the park, when I go to a race, poor technique, poor biomechanics, and a limited understanding of what training is.

It took me years of coaching, years of studying relentlessly - to have something I finally felt confident bringing forward.

What I coach is not "new" , everything has been tried and proven to work by people who know more than me

I simply brought technique, biomechanics, functional training, nutrition, physiology, and more into one integrated system.

Meet Jane

A triathlete short story

Jane started triathlon 1 year ago, She wanted to stay active and healthy and owned a bike. One of her friend signed her up for a local sprint - she got sore knee before the race but finished and was hooked. She met more triathletes, got a tribike and started zwifting. Every time her lower back hurts, she does what her friends are doing. She stretches. Last week she finished her first 70.3 - she took some pain-killers before the race. She had to walk during the run, stomach cramps came. She finished though - and the medals she has been posting on instagram keep her going. She knows she can do better. 

Jane is training for an Ironman now, she purchased a plan online and trains with local friends.

After a few months Jane will complete her race - and then like many, worn off by fatigue and chronic injuries she will stop triathlon.


Common athlete issues

Foot pain, ankle pain, knee pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, neck pain

Body composition/weight issues

Low functioning immune system

Nutritional issues

Fueling issues

Poor swimming technique, poor running technique, poor fit on the bike

Stress overload


Lack of motivation 

Under training, over training

Poor planning

Unrealistic goals

Poor pacing

Emotional unrest / depression linked to performance

Low performance despite hard training

Athletes do get hurt, do over train, and ultimately damage both their experience and performance.

This is a reality that all triathletes have to understand and face.

If shoved aside, months of training - time and money spent- can go down the drain.

"The unclouded eye was better, no matter what it saw" - Duncan Idaho (Frank Herbert)

It is easy to "not see" problems. 

But once these problems have been seen, they are hard to unsee.

How can I reach performance for my race?

How can I avoid getting injured?

How can I make the best use of my time?

Here is why Yousuli is the answer:

An integrated methodology that works



Posture and movement assessment (biomechanics, technique, fitting).

>Specific drills and workouts



Smart goal setting

>Realistic and quantifiable performance progress



Trend analysis and feedback

>insight, hindsight, foresight



Physiological and performance assessments.

>Specific and dynamic training intensities 



Behavior, mood and compliance tracking

> CbT coaching (improved compliance, performance)



Race and progress analysis

>Race specific tactics 



Nutritional assessment

>Nutrition coaching



Individual, progressing and specific dynamic Training plan

>Track fatigue, load, performance



Race Day

>Pacing, fueling, mental and contingency plans

What's next

If you are ready to work together or have questions about coaching

Just click on the purple icon on the bottom right of the screen

You can also find more about me here.

I wish you a healthy and long journey regardless of your level and aspirations

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