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A 12 week-long program from caring (grand) children

12 weeks and 24 lessons to keep your parents or grandparents healthy and functional.

Chronological age is an expired concept

Our grandparents are not defined by the tic toc on the clock. There are different type of "ages" that are a much more accurate reflexion of our well-being, namely:

  • Functional age

  • Biological age

  • Psychological age

  • Social Age

How does it work?

This program is designed for the children and grandchildren of the 60 to 94 years old. Grand-parents are also welcomed to join the program on their own if they do wish so and if they feel they can overcome the "digital hurdle" that exist with online classes (to have your children in the class with you is also perfectly okay).

Assessments will be taught early in the 12 week curriculum and having a third person that understands the hows and whys is very important.

Seven to nine clients meet twice a week online on Google Meet (also called hangouts) for 60minutes and receives handouts after each conference call. One session will be mostly coaching oriented and addresses a specific topic that should to be worked on,  while the other will be to a sharing and implementation session where clients and coach will discuss results and applications of what they have learnt.

Twelve weeks outline

Na'n'Pa is a wholesome and holistic program which will cover a wide range of subject and strategies ranging from nutrition to fitness, creating new long lasting and life-changing habit to significantly improve the quality of life, self-efficacy and maintain functionality of the 60+.

Twice a week each lesson will bring special focus to one particular subject and attendees will receive dedicated hand-outs to follow through during the following days. 

  1. Preparation 

  2. Screenings

  3. Assessing functionality and fitness

  4. Motivation and adherence

  5. Physiology

  6. Aging & Exercise

  7. Nutrition

  8. Special diets

  9. The Biomechanical approach

  10. Exercises 

  11. Common health challenges 

  12. Recap and take away

The primary goal of the program is to educate and bring to light positive strategies.

At the same chronological age, functional age can vary by over 20 years!

Program goals and expectations

Na'n'Pa primary objective is to create long changes. During the course of the 12 weeks, gaining a throughout understanding of elderly fitness as well as having put in place practical applications. At the end if the 12 weeks and 12 weeks thereafter, a non-mandatory assessment and follow up will be conducted and shared.

The contract

One of our objectives during the twelve weeks is to develop and improve intrinsic (from the inside) and extrinsic (from the outside) motivation. Before the group starts, participants will (along with the coach) set for themselves a few behavior rules and will try to abide them during the program. 

Old dogs can learn new tricks

Pricing and policy

The total price of the program is $1000 per participants (24+2 sessions) including a $100 non-refundable inscription fee. Cancellation to the program can be made up to weeks before the start. If we fail to meet the minimum quota of participants and the program is postponed a full refund of $500 will be issued. 

A starting contract following IFT model will be given also to all participants, this contract will insure that the coach client relationship is protected and that their rights to privacy are respected.

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