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Yousuli virtual training camp is our low-cast online yearly training camp and community for triathletes.

Athletes can use the four triathlon comprehensive training plans plans, join in the VTC training support group and attend attend monthly zoom workshops..

Plans are made for beginner to front packers athletes. For reference the level 1 plans offered in VTC are plenty (based on past experience) for athletes wanting to:

  • Sprint  1:15 or slower

  • Olympic distance - 2:35 or slower

  • 70.3 - 5:15 or slower

  • Ironman Distance - 11:30 or slower

VTC includes:

  • The 4 level-1 triathlon training plans sprint, olympic, 70.3 and Ironman

  • In-plan lessons based on training cycles (know-how, racing, technique, tactics and more) and workout of the day.

  • Videos to show you how to. 

  • Nutrition 101 Course

  • Access to VTC support group

  • Access to monthly online workshop

  • Access to VTC online races

  • And much more

Duration 52 weeks 

During the duration of the camp, athletes have access to more than one plan and thus can prepare for more than one races.

Plans range from 12 to 24 weeks and start whenever.

Workshops are held monthly and are recorded and available for active members.


Yousuli Virtual Training Camp cover the four main distances seen in triathlon:

Sprint (750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run)

Olympic (1500m swim, 40km bike, 10km run)

Half-Ironman (1900m swim, 90km bike, 21km run)

Ironman (3800 swim. 180km swim, 42km run)


Yousuli Virtual Training Camp offers videos and lessons about triathlon on the course the training plan. Content range from equipment, to nutrition, sport specific training, injuries and more.

Training and Classes Break Down

Commitment for each plan and technicality drastically increase from one level to another.

As such training for sprint distance at level III may be more demanding and technical than training for an Ironman distance triathlon at level I.

The Swim

Having access to a 50m pool and to open water is recommended but not necessary.

There are a few points that leads to better and faster swimming:






All of these are addressed during training plans and can be further discussed during workshops.

The Bike 

Bike sessions can be done indoor and outdoor and usually carry at least one key endurance ride and one key intensity ride.

The bike is the most time consuming part of a triathlon and thus requires plenty of understanding.

Questions regarding bike training and fueling as well as fitting and bike handling are all addressed during training plans and can be discussed during workshops.

The Run 

Running is a high impact sport and, within Yousuli framework, we will pay extra care to proper running hygiene, biomechanics, guidelines and technique.

Run common issues and errors are addressed during training plans and - like always can be discussed during workshops.

Strength and Conditioning

Athletes joining VTC have access in their training plans to comprehensive conditioning programs.  

Groups and Zoom Workshops 

VTC training group is available for all VTC and premium member and is a great place to share, leave comment or ask questions,

Each Month we meet up to discuss training schedule, q/a (will answer/discuss question posted) and issues.

2 virtual race will be proposed during the year.

Race format is 

  1. 1.5km Swim (or 5km run)

  2. 40km Bike 

  3. 10km Run

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 3.17.17 PM.png

If you have any question or you wish to join contact me and leave your contact information -

You can also use the purple bubble in the bottom right corner

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