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Technical swimming analysis

Efficiency analysis

The main inhibitor to swimming performance is poor swimming efficiency. We will analyze based on your unique morphology, pace, stroke rate, and environment how efficient your swimming is so that you can improve over time.

Corrective drills meant for you


Through video and motion/ power analysis, we review all technical areas with potential improvements, help you select the three main limiters to your performance goals, and show you how to correct them via specifically selected corrective swimming drills.

Swimming form analysis

Either with one of our coaches, or by submitting your own videos - we take a in-depth look at your crawl (freestyle) swimming stroke. Swimming is a technique reliant sport, and we dive deeper looking at applied forces in six directions, and stroke path of each and every stroke you take.

Clear and easy to follow instructions

Get full detailed report, videos of your assessment, videos and drill explanation, and a phone call post assessment, to insure that no stone is left unturned.

You will understand what it means, and why this is relevant to you, and how this can completely change the way you train and race.

Pacing strategies

How hard, how long, and how much rest? Based on performance assessment, and evaluations of your anaerobic contribution to your endurance we are able to help you create training zones and strategies to maximize your improvements, as well as give you pacing guidelines for any endurance events.

And beyond

With each assessment you take, we are able to assess precisely how you respond to training load, and over time create perfect strategies that may extend past your usual training routine, to make you the best athlete you can be with the time you have.

This assessment can be paired with physiological assessment, contact us for more information

From Assessment to Report

What Clients Say

"Rediscovering swimming after years as a collegial swimmer". I.L, 

Book today or contact us for more information!

Note that certain assessments are included in memberships, and that you are eligible for discounts from the second assessment onward!

Swimming assessments can be taken with our coaches offline, or online with your material.

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