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Skinny MinNIES

Weight loss group

Skinny minnies: "mini group maximum change"

Get in amazing shape in twelve weeks in this online weight loss program for a tiny price.

  • Nutrition strategies

  • Motivation planning

  • Exercises program

  • Social support

How does it work?

A small group of 7 to 9 people sign up online to join the next Skinny Minnies online weight loss group.

Every week and for 12 weeks the group meets on Google Meet (also called hangouts) for 60minutes and receives handouts after each conference call.

Each online coaching session addresses a specific strength/ issue that should to be worked on, as well as individual time during which participants are encouraged to share weekly successes and difficulties.

Three weeks after the program a non-mandatory check-on-me session will be held where clients will have the opportunity to share their successes and challenges after the program.

Twelve weeks outline

Skinny minnies is a wholesome and holistic program which will cover a wide range of subject and strategies ranging from nutrition, to aerobic exercise, strength training, creating new long lasting and life-changing habit.  Each week the group will bring special focus to one particular subject during the class and will receive dedicated hand-outs to follow through during the following day. Also non-mandatory reading and "extras" will be provided each week. 

  1. Journal

  2. Soften

  3. Of the shoulders

  4. Social circle 

  5. Boo-woos

  6. Straighten

  7. Cooking night

  8. A Badge

  9. Media overload

  10. Strengthen

  11. Group activity

  12. Take away 

There is no "punishment" for setting yourself back, set backs are normal and though they can seem a bear overbearing at times, they can become a foundation to the you, we are trying to build.

Program goals and expectations

Skinny minnies first goal is to create long lasting physical and behavioral changes. Education, care and support amongst the group are key elements during the program.

So what to expect? Usually in terms of weight loss a .5 to 1kg loss per week is recommended. And although this number can sometimes be doubled or tripled, a slow and steady loss in weight is always preferable as it reflects a change in lifestyle (and not a one-time hit and run trend) and won't harm your metabolism or create other complications such as loose skin. To sum up, results may vary and it depends on your starting point - but If you have enough love to spare 10kg is a fair amount to expect. 

The contract

One of our objectives during the twelve weeks is to develop and improve intrinsic (from the inside) and extrinsic (from the outside) motivation. Before the group starts, participants will (along with the coach) set for themselves a few behavior rules and will try to abide them during the program. 

Pricing and policy

The total price of the program is $500 (12+1 session) per participants including a $100 non-refundable inscription fee. Cancellation to the program can be made up to weeks before the start. If we fail to meet the minimum quota of participants and the program is postponed a full refund of $500 will be issued. 

A starting contract following IFT model will be given also to all participants, this contract will insure that the coach client relationship is protected and that their rights to privacy are respected.



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