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Beyond training

There is working out, there is training and then there is everything that goes beyond training. When time and and competition with other is left behind for a few months or for longer. 

Adventures and challenges are rewarding and can help redefining the way we look at ourselves and the world.

Off Season Challenges

The "off season" is a great time to try new things and let go "a little" of the specificity of triathlon training while remaining active.

Here are my top picks for the off season:

  • Hiking and trail running.

  • Heroes swim set 100x100m in pool.

  • Joining a cycling fondo, grandfondo, brevet or even Everesting. 

  • Zwift races and the brutal crit races.

  • Working on conditioning 3-5 times a week - including long stretches.

  • Joining a yoga/crossfit/... class for a month.

  • Going on a 10000 steps-a-day journey for 30 days.

  • Cooking challenge


Year long challenge

Year long challenges are a great way to go the extra mile - to do the extra step and check what is beyond. 

Here are my top picks tick box of the year:

  • 2 or more Races. Training for races and race week can be extremely rewarding. You have a go at committing to train with a purpose and enjoy every moment of it and in many cases get to see some of the most beautiful places around the globe.

  • 500km+ swim mileage (or 200km).

  • Going to an athlete resort/camp - always good to try new things - some hotels around the globe cater especially for endurance athletes. They often offer camps in winter (which often cause athletes to peak too early) but are still available the rest of the year. 


Adventuring with Coach Frederic

I often go on adventures two to three times a year and welcome everyone join me.  I will post these under the workshop page

Here are some of the things I may have a tendency to do:

  • Long swimming and crossings.

  • Multi-day hikes, rides, or ride trip to scenic location.

  • Self supported triathlons.

Above the Clouds


We have:

  • Jerseys for order for people having completed the Everesting challenge

  • Sweaters for people who managed to complete the 200 or 500km swim challenge.

  • Tee-shirts for Yousuli VTC and premium members.

These are to sell at the lowest cost and highest quality we can get and are in order only. 

Contact me early on for information and order as they can take a few weeks to be ready. 

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