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Metabolic and dietary assessment

Accurately assess your base metabolic rate

BMR, base metabolic rate, is the energy your body requires to operate at a resting state.  Understanding BMR is significant when trying to improve body composition, or energy intake needs.

During this assessment with precisely help calculate BMR through gas exchange using the Vo2master at rest




 Dietary guidance 

After evaluating your nutritional habits and dietary preferences, we assess the quality of your intake.

And we offer you with a complementary week-long meal planning guide designed to help you meet your nutritional needs, and achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

Calculate body composition

Weight changes seldom reflect true body composition changes. Through this assessment we help you estimate the amount of muscle mass, and fat mass that makes up your body composition. 

From here strategies to modify body composition can be put in place. Commonly athletes may seek to increase muscle mass, while maintaining body weight, or seek to decrease body weight while maintaining muscle mass.

Metabolic function rating

We analyze various factors such as your metabolic function, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability. Based on these analyses, we provide you with a score that compares your results to the average values found in your demographic group, which considers age, gender, and activity level.

Understand your dietary needs

Beyond meeting up your caloric needs, we help you review what are your personalized macronutrient needs following health guidelines, type of activity you perform, and your base metabolic rate.

Meeting up your energy, and macronutrient needs will help you optimize performance, increase recovery, and redefine your body composition. 

And beyond

The report includes the following gas exchange, ventilation, and other data:

VO2, HR and HRV, Ve, Rf and Tv, FeO2(%) and Ve/Vo2. As well as BMR, LBM, Body fat percentage, Total Fat.

For individuals experiencing significant metabolic dysfunction, severe dietary concerns, or those aiming to achieve the best possible results, we facilitate consultations with some of the top dietitians available

From Assessment to Report

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