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Bike fitting services

Maximize training efficiency

We help you go beyond performance assessments, and look behind the curtain to maximize your training efficiency based on your own physiology at any point in time. 

Measure accurately progress

Because we look at the behavior of multiple physiological markers at any given intensity we are able to properly assess progress, way beyond your 5km time and based on your own goals.

Take the following example, who is fitter an athlete who is able to race 2 hours at 85% of FTP without creating fatigue, or one who will do the same but end up with an empty tank?

Properly assess your limiters

Find out what really limits you. Training harder is not always the answer, the better approach is to tackle what are the key markers that are actively preventing you from reaching your peak potential.

Clear and easy to follow instructions

Get full detailed report, videos of your assessment, videos and drill explanation, and a phone call post assessment, to insure that no stone is left unturned.

You will understand what it means, and why this is relevant to you, and how this can completely change the way you train and race.

Determine training and racing strategies

How easy is too easy, how hard is too hard? How much volume and sessions do you need. Through an in-depth determination of your aerobic, anaerobic, vo2max, and fatmax threshold and their relationship we can recommend correct training and racing strategies.

And beyond

With each assessment you take, we are able to assess precisely how you respond to training load, and over time create perfect strategies that may extend past your usual training routine, to make you the best athlete you can be with the time you have.

From Assessment to Report

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Note that certain assessments are included in memberships, and that you are eligible for discounts from the second assessment onward!

Swimming assessments can be taken with our coaches offline, or online with your material.

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