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Community Workshops

Free Events in Partnership with local gym, box, trainers and more to raise wellness awareness and understanding.

One of the thing I love the most and the main reason for me to pursue the "coaching path" is to share, inspire and educate communities and empower them with new concepts that will improve the quality of their lives. 

I am proactively seeking and building opportunities to run free workshops on all that I know with local partners. 

These may range to technical training, to lectures and to training groups.

If you are interested in taking part, or having me host a workshop or would be open to explore what we could do, I would be delighted to receive a message from you using the contact icon at the bottom right of the page.

Keep in touch with events by subscribing

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Clinics Workshops

Clinics are events lasting half a day to 2 days which aim to assess and evaluate athletic issues

All clinics end with a personalized report.

Workshops are events lasting from half a day to several weekends where attendees are being taught certain skills.

All workshops end with an examination

Clinics and workshops are either run with partners or as corporate event.

Running Clinic

A 2-days workshop which comprise of a running concept class, evaluations of running posture, muscular imbalances, training zones, racing predictions and physiological limiters.

Nutrition Workshops

A variety of workshops ranging to healthy meal preparation to athletic nutrition guidelines to wholesome approach to diabetes.

Swimming Clinic

A half-a-day workshop which comprise of a swimming concept class, evaluations of swimming posture, muscular imbalances, training zones, racing predictions and physiological limiters.

Senior Fitness Workshops

Specific workshops made to assess and cover in a holistic way issues that arise for the 65+ and strategical guidelines on how to approach them and improve one's quality of life.

Cycling Clinic

A 2-days workshop which comprise of power duration tests, a basic bike fit, an aerodynamic test and specific race prediction.

Other Workshops

Punctual workshops ranging from sport performance, to behavior change, weight loss, back pain treatment, running technique and more

No upcoming events at the moment
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