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Corrective and performance Running drills

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This is an extensive list of drills with explanations and focus points to be used to improve your running efficiency, and lower drastically the mechanical stress that may come from this high impact activity. Every year 7 out of 10 runners get injured, we strongly believe that the content of this course and performing running drills is a great way to reinforce good movement patterns, improve stability, mobility, elasticity, and reduce the risk of injury. Drills help you get rid of bad movement pattern, and build the lay the foundation for a more efficient and long healthier running gait. Go through all the drills, make your own selection, or join a running assessment program to have us prioritize running drills for you based on your current gait, range of motion, running capacity and posture. Buying this course will grant you lifelong access to the drills herein, and access to future addition and improvement that may be added in the future. Access drills on the go on Yousuli app! Frederic Simon is a licensed USAT & IRONMAN certified coach, cert. orthopedic coach and an avid runner who has completed over 300 marathon, and was the subject of a documentary name "One man marathon" on the Chinese national TV in 2012. He also completed 101 successive self supported 70.3 distance triathlon injury free. Frederic has coached hundred of athletes achieve their running goals from finishing marathons, qualifying to Boston, to ultras.

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