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Lymphedema Course

  • 52Weeks
  • 11Steps


This course aims to give you a good understanding of what lymphedema is, its causes, and how to manage it. It includes photos, illustrations and videos to help better understand its principles as well as follow lymphatic drainage exercises and breathing exercises. This course cannot and doesn’t replace medical advice and we always recommend to follow the instruction of your medical professional first and foremost. This course also cannot help one to self-diagnose lymphedema - but could serve as an educated incentive to seek your physician for a proper diagnosis. This course will be available for free for free for a year in 2022. This course is part of Cancer related courses on Yousuli and are dedicated to my mother, Catherine Rotniemer Benker Gambourg, who passed away on the first of January 2022 after a short battle with lung cancer. Your memory will always remain a blessing.

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