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Orthopedic Focused Coaching

The Method

Biomechanical coaching is a systematic process of conducting musculoskeletal assessments and corrective exercises to help people alleviate muscle and joint pain. This revolutionary approach to pain relief features a comprehensive system that makes improved function and pain-free living a reality for people plagued by chronic pain. 







Complex Training

My goal, as an expert in Biomechanics, is to create a platform in which both the client and I will work together to tackle chronic pain.

I have been suffering from back pain, can this help me?

Yes. While some patient with more severe issues may take more time musculoskeletal pain is either reversible or can be to a great extend, lessened.

In practice every session should alleviate pain and improvement should be observed and assessed monthly. 

How long does it take?

Program lengths and frequency can vary and are affected by the client adherence to the program, the severity of the cases and the time made available for the program. Without cutting corners the objective is to reach our goals as fast as possible.

As a guide it take about four months to move from Phase I (stability/ mobility training) to Phase II (Movement training).

Can this make me a better athlete ?

While Biomechanics corrective methods do not improve the tactical demands or physiological demands of specific sport they can improve the ability to perform technical movement without erroneous muscular compensation. 

Better form means increased efficiency and comfort.

What are the differences between Biomechanics coaching and the other services in Yousuli?

Whilst VTC members may receive some education about biomechanics and premium members undergo assessment and have access to exercise library,

Biomechanics clients coaching is solely aimed at improving orthopedic function.

Clients have 60min weekly of one-on-one online consultation with coach as well as monthly assessment to quantify progress.

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