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Biomechanics coaching

From the old back-ache to the runners knee, biomechanics can mean heaven or hell

During biomechanics coaching session we aim to tackle chronic pain that comes from poor posture and improving movement efficiency.

Modern life, modern problems; repetitive movement is causing unnecessary muscular adaptation and imbalances which in turn create aches and pain.

Our task is the following

To identify all major skeleto-muscular deviation

To develop a progressive and adaptive program that address these issues

To assess and progress this program until the goal is met.

For all of us

Biomechanics therapy is meant to alleviate and, in most cases, entirely relieve individuals of all ages of "postural-related pain". These problems might have started after a traumatic injury, after spending years in bad postures or from birth. 

Biomechanics coaching is also very important for athletes.

Before being able to train proper technique it is important to be able to achieve right postures and movements.

Reestablishing proper biomechanics is the "end game" in recovery and, whenever necessary, it should be done in collaboration with the client's orthopedic surgeon, massage therapist, and other professionals in the orthopedic continuum.

How does it work

After a first session where we will both observe imbalances and overcompensation strategy done by the client, we will put in place a daily routine which will have to be progressed periodically.

Every session performed by the client ought to improve his or her condition.

The goal is to create a structured framework within which the client is able to independently strength correct postural and movement pattern.

The first session last roughly sixty minutes and following sessions thirty minutes.

Biomechanics coaching can be done in conjunction with personal training as defined in the American Council of Exercise Integrated Fitness Training model.


For more information about me or the coaching feel free to visit the about page and use the contact form below.

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