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Bespoke coaching

  • Gold

    Every month
    Tailor-made coaching for athletes
    Valid for 4 months+ 14 day free trial
    • Unlimited emails & messages
    • Weekly phone calls
    • Weekly training schedule
    • Weekly schedule adjustments
    • Unlimited workout data review
    • Nutrition Coaching
    • Cognitive Coaching
    • Seasonal technical assessments
    • Seasonal biomechanical assessments
    • Bi-monthly strength assessments
    • Monthly performance assessments
    • Precise bike race simulations*
    • Priority registration on Ironman events*
    • Priority & discounts on Yousuli events
    • Free Training Peaks premium account
    • Partners discounts
    • -----
    • Full Access to drill libraries, education, & calculators
    • Yousuli app
    • Access to Yousuli monthly open Q/A
    • No start up fees
  • Limited to 10


    Every month
    The best online coaching one can offer
    Valid for 12 months
    • Unlimited emails & messages
    • Unlimited phone calls
    • Weekly training schedule
    • Daily schedule adjustments
    • Unlimited workout data review
    • Personalized nutrition coaching
    • Personalized cognitive coaching
    • Monthly technical assessments
    • Monthly biomechanical assessments
    • Bi-monthly strength assessments
    • Monthly performance assessments
    • Precise bike race simulations*
    • Priority registration to Ironman events*
    • Priority & discounts on Yousuli events
    • Free Training Peaks premium account
    • Partners discounts
    • Tailor-made course via Yousuli app
    • Full Access to drill libraries, education, & calculators
    • Yousuli app
    • Access to Yousuli monthly open Q/A
    • No start up fees
  • Silver

    Every month
    Affordable bespoke premium coaching
    Valid for 4 months+ 14 day free trial
    • Weekly emails & messages
    • Monthly phone call
    • Monthly training schedule
    • Monthly schedule adjustments
    • Seasonal data review
    • Nutrition Guidelines
    • ------
    • Seasonal technical assessments
    • ------
    • Bi-monthly strength assessments
    • Seasonal performance assessments
    • Bike race simulations
    • Priority registration to Ironman events*
    • Priority & discounts on Yousuli events
    • Free Training Peaks premium account
    • Partners Discounts
    • ------
    • Full access to drill libraries & calculators
    • Yousuli app
    • Access to Yousuli monthly open Q/A
    • No start up fees

What do they say?
500+ satisfied athletes

Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 10.46.02.png

Steven Lew

After I started working with Fred, I

noticed improvements to my training

immediately. He understands how to

identily potential problems and areas

that can be improved. His

understanding of sports science and

data is incredible. I find value in

people who are proactive, reliable,

and trustworthy. Fred is all of that

plus mare. I approached Fred with

some aggressive fitness goals for

triathlon and he gave me honest

answers about how we could achieve

those goals together. Not only is he a

great coach, but is an awesome

mentor and friend to have for life.

Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 10.44.54.png

Gil Arbel

As someone who has had quite a bit

of experience in endurance sports as

well as triathlon, and has had

previous coaches. I am able to say

without a doubt that fred is the best

coach Ive ever had, in any sport. He

has a vast knowledge of the way the

body works, how to gather data and

build workouts that have helped me

reach, push through and go beyond

many of my fitness goals very

naturally and much faster than i

would have originally thought. Some

examples are breaking a 20 min Sk,

bringing my swimming rate from 2:30

per 100m to 1:45 per 100m, and bike

ftp improvement of over 30% all this

in about 4,5 months. I cannot

recommend him enough and look

forward to training with him for a

very long time. I could go on, and on

about how amazing he is but this

data kind of speaks for itself. Fred is

absolutely the man.


Li Xin

I knew Fred since 2014.I started doing exercises then and I was founders of my company's running group. My boss recommended him to me. He started to be my personal coach after I did a few marathons. I couldn't make any progress by myself and my purpose was qualification of Boston Marathon. There's almost one hour gap between my running level at that moment. I decided trust him after I saw my rapidly increasing pace after a series training workouts with him. We finally managed 5mins ahead of qualification of Boston Marathon at my age group which is to finish a marathon in 3h and 36mins. That's like a miracle to me. After then Fred helped me even finished two 100k trail races. He knows my sports potential more than myself and inspires me to achieve higher.

Fred isn't a coach who easily prise athletes. But when you really did a good job, you could feel the pure joy from him. It makes you treat your workouts with respect.

Fred is a lifetime learner and has a broad range of interest in reading which is not surprised that he could give you sensible advices based on both physical and mental reasons.

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-09 at 12.49.33.jpeg

Sahar Lahos

I had a great experience, the fact that I know that I can always contact directly and get a quick answer from someone I trust entirely made the difference to me. 

- always felt that I am challenged in the exact amount, nothing was easy and I saw the improvement accordingly. with that beeing said I also felt great care and awareness to injuries and encouragement to listen to my body and be flexible with the plan when needed.


A race is an opportunity for growth.

Yousuli training system covers posture, technique, your physiological and psychological strength and weaknesses, as well a nutrition and more.

Silver and Gold members have tailored training plans available to them, 101 coach access, and full to all perks on the site.


Have a big goal, train hard, have fun.

Be healthy.

Coach Frederic

Sport performance specialist, orthopedic coach and nutritionist. 

"I strive to empower athletes with the tools they need to stay healthy, injury free and achieve peak performance"

More information

How does it work?

Coaching is done online via Trainingpeaks (online and free athlete planning/management platform), phone (video or audio calls), through videos sent from and to the athlete, notes, pdfs and when possible face to face.

Things we need (as early as possible):

A smart phone or a camera to record and send videos.

Running shoes, swim gear and tools, and a bicycle

Smart watches, heart rate monitor, and a power meter. 

Simple tools for strength training sessions.

Step 1: "Foundation"

Hand out: "Biomechanics and Swim, Bike, Run testing protocols", ""Swim and Run drills", "Strength program", "Bike fit file"

Only with a proper base, with proper mechanics and technique can we truly achieve performance without sacrificing health.

Clients will send videos of them swimming, running, cycling (on a trainer), standing and performing a few movements.

We use the data from these videos along with results from the foundation interview to create:


  1. Dynamic strength program meant to address muscular imbalances issues and postural issues 

  2. Specific warm up and cool down drills for the swim, and the run

  3. Fitting adjustment for the bike.

Step 2: "Assessments"

Hand out: Assessment files.


Assessments are max efforts done for specific duration, as well as outdoor rides and long efforts.

The two first weeks of training are generally centered around assessments. Assessment are also conducted on a monthly basis "informally" and as part of training.

  1. Understand strength and weaknesses

  2. Monitor growth, and modify training

  3. Give us an estimate of Cda (aerodynamics) as well as power.

  4. Contributes to defining training and racing intensities as well as nutrition strategy


Step 3: "Nutrition"


Hand out: "Journal review", "Nutritional Guidelines", "Sweat test", "Fueling plan and Guidelines" 


Athletes, during the first month, are encouraged to write down a dietary journal with all of the food they eat.

They can do so using MyfitnessPal, a notebook or a spreadsheet.

Clients every 4 months sweat tests are conducted.

  1. Determine if there is a need to and apply new eating habits based on individual and personal goals

  2. Determine fueling strategy during training and racing


Step 4: "Goals"

Hand out: "Goal: Overview""

Also during the first month, athlete and coach will work toward creating realistic racing goals built around the athlete's capability, and the specificity of the courses. 

Races are split into three groups namely

  • A races: Races where peak performance (max 3 per year)

  • B races: Races where performance is expected (may improve tactics and racing "mind")

  • C races: Races no performance is expected (may improve tactics and racing "mind")

  1. With step 1 to 4 properly done - dynamic planning can start

Step 5: "Planning"

Hand out: Online monthly training plan"

Athlete will receive a training plan on Training Peaks, with clear training guidelines intensity for the upcoming month following the athlete's availability, capacity, former compliance to plan, and specific goals.

  1. Maximize performance and "freshness" for races

  2. Address strengths and weaknesses using optimal periodization

  3. Synchronize workout done to training peaks and leave qualitative feedback/comments on specific workout

  4. Monitor and readjust training load


Step 6: "Analysis"






Hand out: Insight, answers, reviews

With enough data coming in (speed, power, heart rate, effort level, etc), we will be able to understand what goes on in specific workouts, why it is happening, how it happens and what will happen if trends are maintained.

Analysis is done on WKO5 (endurance specific analytical software).

  1. Understand what went well or not so well in a race/workout

  2. Evaluate weekly and monthly trends

  3. Offer a better understanding of training and help to monitor and readjust training load


Step 7: "Mind"

Hand out:  Cognitive assessment, behavior journal.

We are only as strong as our weakest link. "Cognitive fitness" or mind fitness is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of athletic training and performance. What makes and breaks athletes is what happens in their head. The mind affects everything from being unable to comply to training, feeling of guilt, pressure and crashing during a race. Like everything else "cognitive fitness" can be assessed and trained. 

  • Compliance issues

  • Inability to "dig deep"

  • Eating behavior issues

  • Chronic Stress

  • Unable to enjoy training and racing

  • Race related stress

  1. Identify cognitive fitness weaknesses

  2. Create new behavioral patterns

  3. Define strategies for "high stress event"

Step 8: "Tactics"

Hand out: Competition insight, course review,

Triathlon is more than just swim, bike, and run​.  Course recognition, open water training, transitions and knowing how to beat the competition all fall under tactics.

  1. Triathlon specific training

  2. Course review and specific training

  3. Competition insight


Step 9: "Racing" 

Hand out: check up lists, racing plan, post race plan, contingency plan.

In order to minimize racing-week stress, it is crucial to have a clear and easy to follow plan for the week, and for race-day.

You should know what you are going to do the days before, how you are going to eat prior, during and after the race.

You should know how to pace yourself.... in brief you should be "race ready" and feel that this is "a bit like any other week" except more fun.

  1. Check up lists

  2. Race pacing and fueling plan

  3. Post race recovery

What's next?

If you have any questions or are interested in working together and make you a better athlete, send me a message and let's schedule a call!

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